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Gluten and Milk Products- Cross Reactivity and Why You Should Avoid

Dr. Hagmeyer- explains exactly why you may not have experienced better health since embarking on a gluten free diet. The answer lies in something knows as Cross Reactivity.

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Hi Dr. Hagmeyer here, and today we are talking about another common cross reactive food that can continue to rob you from enjoying good health.

Perhaps you have embarked on a gluten free diet, you have done an amazing job at avoiding bread, pasta, beer, cookies, pretzels but yet, you continue to experience many symptoms.

Now… Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of people who DO go on a gluten free diet and in a matter of 2 weeks, 4 weeks, they can feel a huge difference- but today’s video is for people who only notice marginal improvements on a gluten free diet and one of the reasons behind this.

Here is what we know…… Studies that have looked at celiac patients show that only 40% experience complete healing of the gut after eliminating gluten. That’s not that good!. (1)

The question we should be asking is WHY are they not experiencing a higher rate of healing?
they have eliminated a major offending agent which is gluten- but yet they are still not healing
That’s what today’s video is all about.

Today, We are talking about the cross reactivity between milk and gluten proteins.
In fact to be more specific, when I say milk, I mean any milk containing product- so that would include, yogurt, cheese, ice-cream, cottage cheese, butter, protein shakes just to name a few.

If you suffer with any kind of neurological problems, (depression, headaches, anxiety, migraines, autism) or you suffer with digestive problems or even skin conditions, what I’m going to share with you over the next five-seven minutes is something your not going to want to miss.

If it wasn’t enough to avoid bread, pasta, cookies, pizza, Beer, and supplements that are derived from yeast (which we talked about in the last video), NOW you need to eliminate all milk and milk derived products. This might seem a little overwhelming at first, but I can assure you that you can do it! and that it gets easier with time. in fact if your sick enough, like most of the patients I work with, I am betting that you are very willing to do this in order to have your health restored.

I want to show you an example of what this test looks like and all the cross reactive foods that can cause problems for you.

IF YOUR NOT already aware of this, there is specialized tested through a laboratory called Cyrex LABS that you can get tested for many of these Gluten Cross Reactive foods. If you have not been tested, this is something I highly recommend.

What you will see here are the results of patient I began working with not that long ago. This patient is a pretty typical patient for our office. She has been from doctors office to doctor office without much improvement in her condition, When she first consulted our office, she reported sleeping problems where she would wake up at 3am every morning and would toss and turn till her alarm went off at 6am, she had IBS symptoms primarily diarrhea, bloating, she was being medicated for depression, and we diagnosed here with autoimmune thyroid.

As you can see here, with this Cyrex panel 4– she is highly cross reactive to many foods she was eating on a daily basis.

CYREX PANEL - Gluten Associated Cross-Reactive Foods Sensitivity - DR HAGMEYER

Foods she thought were considered “healthy.” You will notice corn, eggs, soy and cows milk are all out of range.

So you might be thinking what does Gluten have to do with milk or Milk Products?

If your thinking that milk is gluten free you would be absolutely right. The problem with milk products is called cross-reactivity.  Some research studies show upwards of 40% of the gluten sensitive population also have sensitivities or cross react with milk.  So that means 4 out of every 10 gluten sensitive individuals (despite having given up gluten), if they are still drinking milk, eating cheese and yogurt, eating ice-cream, it’s the same as if they were eating wheat gluten. Again, it’s this concept of Cross Reactivity.

So here is what happens in cross reactivity, if this term in  new to you.

In Gluten Cross reactivity, the molecular sequencing to the amino acids found in milk are so similar to the amino acid sequence structure of gluten, that the immune system finds them equally dangerous.  As a result, many of the same responses your body created when you eat gluten are produced when you eat milk.

To your immune system, there is no difference if you just drank a glass of milk or you just had a slice of pizza or some other wheat based product.
So again this is why this testing is so important- you could be doing great job of eliminating wheat gluten but if you are eating any of these common cross reactive foods- you are still in trouble.

 So What’s Important To Take Away From Today’s Video

1. Each and every person has a unique biochemistry- there is no one size cookie cutter approach to restoring health- even our diets need to be customized.
2. Medication can’t help you get well, if you continue to ignore the role certain foods play on our immune system, our hormonal system, digestive system and our neurological system. There are over 55 disease associated with gluten sensitivity at this point in time.
3. Embarking on a gluten free diet, doesn’t mean you can swap all of your gluten containing foods for the same foods that now carry a “GF” or gluten free label.
4. Many health care practitioners are giving this advice to their patients and wondering why their patients are still sick.
5. Having successfully worked and consulted with many patients who have IBS, SIBO, celiac disease, Crohn’s and other kinds of inflammatory bowel disorders you really need to work with someone who understands this. Every months or year that goes by and this is not properly managed, you could be inadvertently causing permanent damage.

If I just described you, Schedule some time for us to talk about an action plan that would be the most appropriate approach for your case.  If you haven’t been to my website, at I recommend you check it out, I have a lot more information that can be found there by simply doing a search on gluten.

I have also prepared a free guide that is available. If you haven’t already downloaded the “Hidden Sources Of Gluten” you can do that by filling out your name and email in the form on the side of this page. This is a free guide, that will be sent to you in an email within just a few minutes.

Also, In the upper right hand corner of my website simply type “Gluten” in the search bar, There you will find videos, information on gluten, testing, and the many diseases associated with gluten you can read up on.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you did pass it on. We need to get this message out! we need to change lives and save more lives. Until Next time Take care!

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