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Dr Hagmeyer- Review- Hashimoto’s Thanks to Dr Hagmeyer- I am now pregnant

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After 6 years of infertility and thyroid issues I decided to give Dr Hagmeyer a try. My first visit was totally different from the three specialist I have seen in the past. I really feel like Dr . Hagmeyer cared about my situation and really listened to the issues I was having at the other specialists.

Honestly I was nervous to see another doctor but after my husband met with Dr. Hagmeyer he insisted that we were finally in the right place. I have been under care from 1year and 2 months.

It’s was quite a lifestyle change for me! After thorough testing I found out I had hoshimotos when the other doctors said I had slight thyroid issues. I found out I was gluten sensitive-what a blow since my diet was 80 % grains!

Anyway-first 4 months I lost 45 lbs, I feel better than ever AND am ecstatic to report I am two months pregnant 🙂 yay!

So I cannot recommend Dr. Hagmeyer enough! He’s incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, caring and truly the best doctor I have ever been to!

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