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Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review Lupus and Hashimotos Thyroid Disease

I started working with Dr Hagmeyer 6 months ago. I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago with Lupus and Hashimotos. For years I have been to doctors and frustrated with prescriptions and was tired of doctors not listening to me. I was tired of doctors telling me my blood work was good. A friend of mine has been seeing Dr Hagmeyer and he has helped her tremendously. I have heard many wonderful things about this doctor and so I decided I had nothing to lose.

I have been to holistic naturopathic doctors in the past and never had very good results. My experience with Dr Hagemeyer has been excellent. He has helped me change my diet, he identified many problems with my health that I had suspected and has given me clear direction on getting well. I am thrilled with my results in such a short period of time.

I have lost 26 pounds, I am sleeping through the night, My hot flashes are gone, my stomach no longer is cramping and in in pain, my depression is better, my joint pain is about 80% better. I am hoping to only get better with more time.

I recommend everybody I know to see Dr Hagemeyer and will continue to do so. He is very passionate about what he does and I can tell he gets enjoyment and satisfaction about what he does. If you suffer with problems like I did go see him. He will help you.

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