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Naperville Fibromyalgia Treatment Doctor| Explains Why Most Fibromyalgia Treatments Fail

Why Most Fibromyalgia Treatments Fail

success and failure road signsWhen you went to your medical practitioner, what exactly did the doctor examine? Did he or she just ask you a battery of questions, press on some tender muscles, order blood work and then tell you … “sounds to me like it might be Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.

In general, medical practitioners are trained to address disorders with pharmaceutical drugs, x-rays, blood tests, CAT scans or MRIs.

The drugs mask symptoms and do not address the root cause, while the tests don’t reveal conclusive results.

At any rate, your medical practitioner falls back on ‘old faithful’ … the prescription pad! They give you the ‘standard’ regimen of painkillers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants and maybe some anti-inflammatory drugs.

This is the same prescription they’d give to you if you were in a car accident!

Now, maybe you DO feel like you’ve been in an 18-car pile up but this is NO WAY to treat your very special condition. The medical practitioner might give you exercises and then a phone number to a ‘support group’ … heard this before?

Think about it?


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The treatment is always the same … pharmaceutical drugs! Now please don’t misunderstand my point here. I know that if it weren’t for some of the pharmaceutical drugs you take, you wouldn’t be able to tolerate the miserable, all-encompassing pain that now consumes your life. But think about it; what is the job of all these prescriptions? Drugs don’t EVER do anything to actually treat THE CAUSE of your problem, they’re ONLY job is to get you out of pain by masking the symptoms.

Millions of Fibromyalgia sufferers all across the country are now prisoners in their own bodies because they are stuck in the medical model that doesn’t work. Is this really how you want to live the rest of your life?

If you keep doing the same things… You can expect the same results
The pain from fibromyalgia may just be the beginning. The complications of the fibromyalgia are what cause people to lose their quality of life.
If you have a chemical problem… you need a chemical solution
If you have a physical problem… you need a physical solution
If you have a neurological problem… you need a neurological solution

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STOP for a second and remember what the PURPOSE of PAIN is … it is a ‘warning signal’ that let’s you know something is VERY SERIOUSLY wrong with your body.

By the time you are experiencing even mild and occasional pain, the problem has already caused significant damage and you’re headed for BIG TROUBLE! The presence of pain is NOT the first sign something is wrong; it’s the LAST! Only when the body has exhausted all of its ‘other’ defenses and TOTALLY ‘broken down’ does it ‘sound the alarm’ and send out pain signals to your brain. This is how your body works.

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Treating your Fibromyalgia Syndrome ONLY with drugs is like putting a piece of masking tape over the ‘engine’ light on your car’s dashboard when it comes on.

You may be temporarily unaware of the problem, but it’s still there. AND, without getting it ‘checked out’ & repaired properly, it’s only going to get WORSE! This is the same thing going on right now in your body with the Fibromyalgia Syndrome that is ravaging it!

Think of it this way. If your tooth was hurting and you’re just given some pain killers to numb the pain, would you be happy? OF COURSE NOT! And what if you kept coming back and received only different medications. Would any of them really work? Do you ever think the medications will correct the problem?

This is how most patients with Fibromyalgia are treated?

This is why treating patients with Fibromyalgia with medications never gets to the cause of the problem, it only covers it up.

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