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Diabetic Neuropathy and Sugar Control|Dr Hagmeyer Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions

Diabetes and Neuropathy

saladIf you are familiar with Diabetes or Pre-diabetes also known as Insulin Resistance then you are probably well aware of the likely hood that you will develop neuropathy.  60-70% of Diabetics will be afflicted with peripheral Neuropathy. Another words, It needs to be on your radar!

The good news is that research over and over shows the pivotal role diet plays in this development of neuropathy.

This is why working with a Neuropathy doctorwho sees the role of proper dietary intervention and functional medicine is critical.

Sadly, many neuropathy sufferers will never find a doctor knowledgeable in dietary intervention and the latest customized treatments now available to neuropathy sufferers.

Most doctors, even after all of the diagnostic testing has been done, still only use pain medications, antidepressants and tranquilizers and sleeping pills as their tools in the tool box. This never addressed the underlying cause.

If you realize that you can’t go through the rest of your life in a drugged state continue reading.

Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, drug use, spinal injury such as degenerative disc disease, spinal canal stenosis, herniated disc, back surgery, genes, and gluten sensitivity all increase the risk of neuropathy. So what causes people who have diabetes to develop neuropathic symptoms? It is generally agreed that exposure to high blood glucose (high blood sugar) has a negative effect on nerve condition.

Sometimes Called Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes or Metabolic Syndrome is has become an epidemic in our society. Just take a look around at the number of individuals overweight. Our society is quickly approaching 60% of the population being overweight. You can only imagine as the population continues to move towards obesity, so too will the number of diabetes cases pre diabetes and neuropathy cases. This again is why dietary management is so important.

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms include pain, numbness, tingling, shock like sensations and many other sensation-related symptoms that often cause problems with stability. Neuropathy can greatly impact quality of life for its sufferers. It affects sleep, mood, focus and the ability to participate and go through life.

The good news is our Neuropathy Doctor Treatment Program is extremely effective!
A Healthy Diet And Natural Blood Sugar Control And Monitoring Is The Best Way To Control Diabetic Neuropathy, As Well As Other Neuropathy Conditions.

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If you don’t have symptoms of neuropathy that’s great but don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t need regular checkups. Naperville Neuropathy Doctor can help spot warning signs of factors that could endanger your nerve function or even be life-threatening.

In addition to dietary considerations, we can also help many symptoms naturally by implementing Brain Based Therapy, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Customized Dietary counseling and customized Nutritional support. Together this approach will help address the many symptoms you might be experiencing.

I agree whole heartedly with many doctors and the latest research studies that point out the only treatmentwith any efficacy for pre diabetic and diabetic neuropathy is lifestyle modification. That means taking pills to artificially lower your blood glucose is not going to improve control of high blood sugar and cardiovascular risk factors. You can’t eat your Krispy Kreme doughnuts and have good blood sugar control.

You can view Dr Hagmeyers Neuropathy website for healthy ideas and recipes here

If You Have Diabetes, or Pre-Diabetes You Are At Risk!

NeuropathyThis shouldn’t be a shocker. Remember up to 70% of diabetics will develop Peripheral Neuropathy. If you have been suffering with the symptoms of neuropathy or you think you might have neuropathy, DO NOT let it go unchecked. See what happens when neuropathy goes unchecked here.

Remember, the sooner neuropathy is diagnosed, the easier it will be to treat and slow down the progression of this degenerative condition. Your Naperville Neuropathy Doctor will identify the various types of neuropathy and recommend the treatments that will help you retain your quality of life.

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