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Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review- Fatigue, Depression, Male Hormone Imbalances, High cholesterol

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I just wasn’t myself. I found myself irritated with little things, emotional ups and downs, stress, Fatigue, I was struggling with sleep issues and some hormone problems.

I started working with Dr Hagmeyer at the recommendation of my wife. She had watched one of his videos on YouTube and she really liked his Functional Medicine approach to improving one’s health.

My wife and I have always been health conscious- eating organic foods, exercising daily, no alcohol, no smoking. I suppose this is why I couldn’t understand why my health was deteriorating. The straw that broke the camel back for me came after a yearly physical with my General practitioner. My General practitioner wanted to prescribe cholesterol medication, antidepressant and start a series of testosterone shots. This wasn’t acceptable for me because I wanted to know what was causing these problems. I don’t believe in masking symptoms.

Dr Hagmeyer’s process is impressive. He is very thorough and has a very methodical way of going about his procedure. While I didn’t understand everything, He was very willing to take the time and explain everything to me, much like a teacher.

My wife and I were especially impressed with his explanation of testing and how he tied everything together. Dr Hagmeyer is investigator- he will find out whats wrong with you and then it’s up to you to follow his recommendations.

I am about 4 months into treatment and I feel great.

My wife noticing a change in me. I notice that I am no longer stressed and irritated, my sleep Is better, my thoughts are clearer and overall I feel the fog lifting. I look forward to continuing this process and restoring my health.

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