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Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

The most common peripheral neuropathy symptoms patients suffer from are: chronic tingling, numbness, weakness, or burning pain. They often find it difficult to walk, sense if they are going down stairs properly, know if they have injured the affected area and generally are miserable because of the chronic pain they often experience.

We take a comprehensive approach to helping our patients with peripheral neuropathy. Not only do we treat the local area affected by using cutting edge therapy, addressing metabolic conditions (such as blood sugar problems) but we also treat areas in the brain responsible to receiving these messages from the body.

It is common that peripheral nerve damage will lead to functional changes in the brain! You MUST address all areas in order to get the BEST OUTCOMES.

There is a ‘road map’ in the brain of your entire body. Every body area (foot, hand, face, etc.) is represented in a part of the brain called the parietal lobe. If poor nerve signals come into the brain because of peripheral neuropathy, this can lead to problems in the brain itself.

Although you might start out with peripheral neuropathy, the longer you have this condition the more likely you’ll experience issues higher up into areas of the brain.

That is why damage to the peripheral nerves is just part of the story. And why treating the local area can lead to discouraging short-term results.

We Offer So Much More…A Unique Non-Drug Approach

I’ve made it my life’s work to stay on the cutting edge of non-surgical procedures and specialized treatment technologies…dedicated to helping sufferers of numbness, tingling, burning and sharp pain caused by nerve related conditions. Patients that have been discouraged and frustrated by

conventional medical care and left taking medications that do nothing but cover up the symptoms and don’t address the underlying cause of the condition.

Neuropathy is a complex condition and it takes a Big-Picture approach that utilizes the best science and technology have to offer to manage it effectively and create the relief I am sure you desire.

We treat peripheral neuropathy from every angle, including every critical element necessary to promote healing of the nerves and maximum symptom relief. The success of our neuropathy treatment program is attributed to our unwillingness to cut corners, leveraging the latest technological advances, and developing proprietary scientific protocols that provide a predictable result.

In our office we have a 17-point Functional Peripheral Nerve Restoration Evaluation that we perform to determine the exact nature of the nerve damage.

It all starts with a unique exam based on the Toronto Clinical Scoring System. Why?

Because this exam scores the health or sickness or your nerves. Wouldn’t it be nice to objectively demonstrate where you are and how you are improving? Not just, “I feel good today” but an exam that proves you are getting better.

How is this accomplished?

Through the unique combination of clinically proven therapies…

Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

First you should know that we address each person as an individual using both metabolic and neurologic strategies. This is what we mean by “no stone is left unturned” when it comes to helping our patients. You are not looking to try an old previously unsuccessful treatment again…you want relief…you want results!

treatment for peripheral neuropathy

There are 5 key elements … or what I like to call ingredients, to properly heal a damaged nerve and create real and lasting relief from neuropathy.

Just like a recipe if you leave out an ingredient or don’t put the right amount of the ingredients, you don’t get the result you are looking for.

At our treatment center we have combined the five key elements required to address the damaged nerves in your feet and hands and provide true and lasting relief.

We have developed a proprietary system that combines these elements which we call Functional Peripheral Nerve Rejuvination.

These protocols are designed to give you every chance possible to feel better. Why not restore normal nerve communication, function and health by healing from the inside out?

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