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The most important initial step in helping a person with vertigo is to take a history and understand that the person is complaining of spinning symptoms that may be associated with nausea and vomiting and loss of balance among other symptoms.

In patients with vertigo, inflammation of the fluid or irritation of the crystals on the nerve membrane that lines the walls of the semicircular canals may cause the spinning sensation even without much head movement. Often, only one canal is involved and the person may be symptom free if they don’t move

There are specific neurological tests that the we utilize at the Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions in Naperville, IL, to determine cerebellar function.

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What is the solution to Dizziness, Balance problems and Tinnitus?

Brain-based therapy and Biomedical Functional Medicine. Brain-based therapy (aka functional neurology) is a field of medicine that tests and treats the nervous system without drugs or surgery. With a very specific evaluation process we can discover the problem areas and apply breakthrough drugless treatment to help heal and restore function to specific areas in the brain and nervous system that may be damaged and/or not working well.

Common problem areas are: the cerebellum, brain stem, inner ear, body position sense nerves, eye, and the parietal and frontal lobes of the brain.

Thousands of people across the country have been helped with this clinically proven approach. But I must warn you…this care is not for everyone. We DO NOT accept every case.

Tests for Cerebellum

Standing with your feet together and eyes closed, the test is positive if the patient sways back and forth. Other tests include, touching the index finger to the nose with the eyes closed, walking heel to toe, moving the fingers rapidly as if playing the piano, or touching all of your fingers to your thumb as fast as possible. These tests and others are used to determine the function of the cerebellum. Learn More about Brain Based Therapy.

Treatment of Dizziness, Vertigo and Balance Disorders Depends on the Cause.

The nature of the treatment often depends on the cause of the vertigo. Vertigo caused by BPPV or labyrinthitis can be effectively treated. Here at The Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions, Dr. Hagmeyer may use Eply and Sermont maneuvers, where patients’ heads are moved through a variety of different positions to encourage the crystals or debris to move out of the irritated semicircular canal area.

One or all of the procedures may be employed to restore the cerebellum to its normal function.

Why continue to suffer from the debilitating effects of Tinnitus, balance disorders, or vertigo?

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Strict criteria must be met before you are allowed into our Vertigo Recovery Program. Rest assured that we will refer you out to the appropriate professional if you do not qualify for our care.