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If you would like to apply to our Balance Disorder, Vertigo and Dizziness Program or to schedule a FREE Phone Consultation with Dr Hagmeyer, please take a few minutes and fill out this short questionnaire. It’s quick and easy! Once completed a New Patient Care Coordinator will be in contact with you.

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You may have been disappointed with doctors when you were diagnosed with Vertigo or a balance disorder. If you desire a natural treatment option for balance problems, dizziness, vertigo, disequalibrium room or head spinning, light-headedness then take a few minutes to fill out this short questionnaire.

For those patients accepted into our Balance Disorders, Vertigo Program we have an over 90% success rate. The doctors you have seen in the past may not have had answers for you, but we might! This short Balance Disorder profile takes most people a few minutes to complete and will help us determine if you would be a good fit.

After you submit your responses, one of our New Patient Care Coordinators will contact you to schedule a Free Phone Consultation.