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If you would like to apply to our Autoimmune Condition Program or to schedule a FREE phone consultation with Dr Hagmeyer, please take a few minutes and fill out the short questionnaire below.

autoimmune questionnaireYou may have been disappointed with the traditional approach and treatment taken by doctors when you finally got diagnosed with your autoimmune condition.

New Biomedical Breakthroughs, functional Medicine and Brain-Based Therapies are radically changing how people can be treated naturally and successfully for these conditions.

If you desire a natural treatment option that can complement your existing treatment, improve the quality of your life, then take a few minutes to fill out this short questionnaire.

The doctors you have seen in the past may not have had answers for you, but we will.

This short profile takes most people a few minutes to complete. This will help us understand a little more about you if our program is a good fit.

After you submit your responses, one of our New Patient Care Coordinators will contact you to schedule a Free Phone Consultation.