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Causes of Chronic Fatigue Finally Explained

What is Causing My Chronic Fatigue?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s causing your chronic fatigue syndrome? Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is characterized by extreme fatigue that persists for more than six months.  The fatigue often gets worse with physical or mental activity, and resting more does not seem to make a profound change. While it would be nice and easy if there was only one culprit responsible for causing chronic fatigue syndrome, we know this is not the case. If you struggle with Chronic fatigue, you should consider working with a doctor who is certified in Functional Medicine and one who can put these pieces of your health puzzle together.

Other Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome include:

  • Sleep that isn’t refreshing
  • Difficulties with memory, focus and concentration
  • Dizziness that worsens with moving from lying down or sitting to standing

What we have found over the years working with hundreds of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome is that there is no one singular cause. We believe Chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by many things and the cause of this fatigue will vary from one person to the next.  When it comes to getting to the root cause of this debilitating fatigue, you will often need a variety of tests. Some tests may be needed to rule out certain things, while other tests will be needed in order to properly support and nurture your body back to good health.

Some of The Reasons For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1. Emotional stress, typically related to grief or loss of a loved one, Marital stress, loss of a job or worrying about a health problem.

2. High Viral/Bacterial/ Mold Biotoxin Load-Because some people develop chronic fatigue syndrome after having a viral infection, researchers question whether some viruses might trigger the disorder. Suspicious viruses include the Epstein-Barr virus, human herpes virus Epstein Barr Virus, Fibromyalgia, CMV, Mycoplasma, Hepatitis C, Herpes, H.pylori, E.Coli, Pseudomonas, Salmonella

3. Toxic Body Burden-We are exposed to more environmental toxins on a daily basis than ever before in history. Even the simplest of daily routines can expose one to several common pollutants found in the water we drink, food we eat, and air we breathe. While our liver, kidneys and lymphatic system play a major role in removing biologically harmful compounds, our bodies have not evolved to deal with the growing number of toxins we unknowingly interact with every day.

When chemicals enter the body, then can bind to human tissue proteins causing a variety of chronic health problems such as diabetes, autoimmune disease, MS, inflammatory disease, hormone imbalances and neurodegenerative diseases. In addition to binding to human proteins, they easily overwhelm our Detoxification system causing stress to the liver and toxin overload. This happens when your body has taken in more toxins than it can process.

4. Mitochondrial Dysfunction-One underlying cause of fatigue is mitochondrial dysfunction, and we now know fatigue is a frequent symptom in mitochondrial disease. Damage to the mitochondria from peripheral inflammation is also implicated in the fatigue felt by patients with neuroinflammation, chronic fatigue, and some autoimmune conditions. Oxidative stress is the end result.

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5. Standard American diet: The Standard American Diet includes too much sugar, too much of the wrong kinds of fats, low levels of fiber, insufficient amounts of anti-oxidants and polyphenols and high levels of food that have been enriched, fortified or dyed with some unnatural coloring and flavors.  Nutritional deficiencies including B vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, fat soluble vitamins, minerals are incredibly common in people with chronic fatigue Syndrome. Good Health starts with a strong foundation.

6. Hormonal imbalances. People who have chronic fatigue syndrome often have a combination of hormonal imbalances. These hormones might include Thyroid gland, Adrenal Gland, Pancreas.

7. Chronic inflammation in your body: Inflammation is the hallmark of virtually every disease you can think of, from diabetes to cancer and chronic fatigue. Chronic inflammation wreaks havoc on the body.


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