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Balance Disorders and Dizziness| A Natural approach to balance disorders and Vertigo That Works| Dr. Richard Hagmeyer

Are you ready to get rid of your balance disorder without drugs or surgery.

falling down stairsMy unique approach to treating balance disorders was developed after thoroughly studying functional neurology, functional endocrinology, functional immunology and functional blood chemistry analysis. Through this unique approach I am able to provide Balance Disorder sufferers like you the answer they have been looking for.

I am ONE OF ONLY A HANDFUL of chiropractic physicians in the Chicago suburbs, utilizing a non surgical approach which implements advanced brain-based therapy for Dizziness and Vertigo and other balance disorder sufferers.

If you (or someone close to you) suffer from dizziness or vertigo, lightheadedness, fear of falling, disequilibrium, then the information you learn here can help you understand what is causing your balance disorder & what you can do about it.

I want to help you!

But you’ve got to take the next step, and Contact my office today and find out how we can help you, call 630-718-0555 and set up a “FREE BALANCE DISORDER SCREENING” today. If you Haven’t read my report titled , “The Ultimate Strategy for Ending  Vertigo, Dizziness and Brain Fog” I strongly encourage you to do so. You Can download this Free Report that describes a highly affective approach to resolving this frustrating problem. Download it Here. Simply enter your name and email on the right hand side and you will receive this guide in your email shortly.

There are many causes to balance disorders, dizziness and equilibrium problems. Most people will think their problem is due to the inner ear or ear stones. For many people suffering with balance problems, they will go to their general practitioner who then send them to an ENT who will perform a hearing test, and then prescribe some antihistamines like Benadryl or they will be told their dizziness is due to otoliths (ear stones) Many times the problem is not with the ear but with an area of the brain called the cerebellum. Brain Based Therapy can be tremendously helpful in these circumstances. Learn more about Naperville BBT here

Proper testing is needed to uncover the metabolic, and neurological problems associated with balance disorders.

WARNING: Chronic, long, lasting balance disorders, lightheadedness, disequilibrium and dizziness/vertigo (a.k.a. BPPV) is an oft-mistreated and potentially disabling disorder that affects the lives of millions of Americans each year. That’s the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is that you may not have to continue suffering! Keep reading this report to find out the well-hidden truth you won’t find anywhere else!

Most doctors will treat YOUR balance disorder with medications or exercises, and if those treatments don’t work, they will probably tell you to…“LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT!”

You see, your medical doctor may have diagnosed your condition as an “inner ear problem,” which it could be. However, a large cause of dizziness is due to a decreased firing of the cerebellum and not simply “an inner ear problem.”

The cerebellum is the back part of the brain which controls your balance and movement. When there are decreased impulses in the cerebellum, you will experience a balance disorder. Please understand that the inner ear AND the cerebellum is CONNECTED by the vestibular branch of the 8th cranial nerve and… You can read more about Brain Based Therapy and how it helps many conditions such as Migraines, Light sensitivity, Anxiety, Insomnia, Disequilibrium, vertigo and dizziness and more here

Unless The REAL Cause Of Your Balance Disorder (i.e. the Cerebellum) Is Treated, You’ll Never Get Better!

In Mathematical Terms:

Wrong Diagnosis + Wrong Treatment = YOU WITH A BALANCE DISORDER!

You see, the reason behind this goes all the way back to your doctor’s ability to diagnose the true cause of your balance disorder. If your doctor cannot clearly identify what’s causing your balance disorder, then the instructions he gives to the physical therapist don’t stand a chance of working. It’s like trying to bake a cake with the recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

Most medical treatments for balance disorders only focus on removing symptoms. For instance, medications may make you feel better for a short time, but the balance disorder will still be there when they wear off. Also, you are left open to potentially dangerous side effects. Other treatments, such as head or eye exercises, are ineffective because they stem from a misdiagnosis. That is to say, your doctor could be treating the wrong side of your body.

Inner Ear Surgery Is Often the Most Ineffective Form of Treatment for Balance Disorders!

And to top it all off, each time you go under the knife, you need to face the small but potential risk of going under anesthesia and getting an infection (This is becoming an alarming problem)!

Listen! You may not have to live with this! You DO have other options! You may not have to be on sleep-inducing drugs to keep the balance disorder under control! You may not have to get used to feeling like you are a drunken sailor. You should not have to alter your lifestyle because of your disorder! There is a better option! And luckily for you, I will reveal it to you in a free report that I provide free to sufferers of equilibrium disorders.

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Request My free guide by filling out you name and email in the box on the side of this page. In just a few short minutes you will receive my free Report. I also offer free phone consults for people who have some additional questions or concerns. These appointments are limited due to the limitation of our patient treatment hours. If you would like a free phone consult , click on the contact us tab above and spend a few minutes filling out a short questionnaire. This questionnaire will help us identify if our balance and vertigo program is the right program for you.

Dr Hagmeyer Dizziness and Balance Disorders

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