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Adrenal Fatigue 

Are you, or is someone you love, suffering from Chronic fatigue, Brain Fog, Trouble Sleeping, Hormone Imbalances

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Adrenal Gland Imbalance Could Be ONE the Biggest Sources of Your Health Problems.

Many people don’t realize that Adrenal Gland imbalances can be the reason your Thyroid won’t stabilize, Why Your Sex Hormones are a Mess, Why you are Chronically inflamed, and why you suffer from Blood sugar problems.

Did you know that an estimated 20 million Americans have some form of Adrenal Fatigue?

One of the most common health complaints today is the experience of fatigue and lethargy. If you have fatigue along with other symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, insomnia, inability to lose weight, feeling anxious, allergies, or brain fog, Adrenal Fatigue may be at the root of the problem.


Learn How Healing and Optimizing Your Adrenal glands Can Heal Your Whole Body

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue, or hypoadrenia, is the non-Addison’s form of adrenal dysfunction.

Adrenal Fatigue consists of many nonspecific but debilitating symptoms. The onset of this condition is often slow and insidious. Sufferers are told that they are stressed and need to learn to relax more. Yes, we all know that “stress kills” to a large extent. But, the question is how?

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Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is one of the most prevalent conditions. Most people experience it at one point or another. However, most conventional physicians are not taught about Adrenal Fatigue in medical school. As such, they are not prepared to take Adrenal Fatigue as a serious threat to health.

This condition was seldom considered as a dysfunctional sickness. Instead, people think of Adrenal Fatigue (also called Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, or AFS) as a condition related to stress. Thus, the solution was to tell the person to “relax” and take anti-depressants.

This does not solve the underlying issue and over time, the condition worsens. Adrenal Fatigue is not a medical condition recognized by mainstream institutions. Invariably, the adrenal glands are structurally normal. Low cortisol, the most commonly associated finding, may be caused by factors outside the adrenal glands. 

Adrenal Fatigue and Addison’s Disease

Do not confuse Adrenal Fatigue with another medical condition called Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease has adrenal glands that are not functioning according to conventional endocrinologists’ standards. Addison’s disease is often caused by an auto-immune dysfunction. Adrenal Fatigue is caused by stress or other factors. These can include dysregulation of the HPA axis, nervous system problems, immune system problems, and metabolic-nutritional problems. It is a complex condition with complex clinical presentation, depending on the stage of dysfunction.

Those in neuroscience may prefer to label this condition Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis Dysregulation. This is due to the strong association with dysfunction of the HPA axis. A forward-looking endocrinologist may be more comfortable with calling this condition Non-Adrenal Illness Affecting Adrenal Function because of the associated low cortisol output which does not meet the diagnostic criteria for Adrenal Insufficiency.

Conventional medicine only recognizes Addison’s disease as hypoadrenia. As such, it is not surprising if your doctor is unfamiliar with this condition.

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is a sub-clinical non-Addison’s form of adrenal dysfunction. Because there are many causes, Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is a more accurate name. The addition of “syndrome” implies no definitive cause. It would be up to the physician to determine the list of symptoms and signs appropriate to the syndrome.

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The real truth is that stress and Adrenal Fatigue are not a mysterious entity at all. Our body has a built-in mechanism to deal with it. Being able to handle stress is key to survival, and the control center in our bodies is the adrenal glands.

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Free Guide For Adrenal Fatigue

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Free Guide For Adrenal Fatigue