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7 Surprising Diseases Associated With A Leaky Gut- 

7 Surprising Diseases Associated With A Leaky Gut-

Hey Everybody! Dr Hagmeyer here and over the last several weeks you may have noticed that I have done several videos and articles about Thyroid problems, Anxiety, Depression, Autoimmune Disease and one of the things you may have noticed is that I mentioned over and over the tie in or connection between these diseases and a leaky gut. We even showed some of the studies liking gut inflammation to Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Today Video I wanted to share some important Information

  • What a leaky gut is
  • How to Identify A Leaky Gut- and why you can’t use symptoms as an indication
  • The Three most important lab markers to look at on testing for leaky gut
  • 7 diseases associated with Leaky Gut 

Most general practitioners have no clue about a leaky gut (intestinal Hyper permeability) and sadly and unfortunately many GI specialists laugh at the concept of a “leaky gut” yet the research as you can see in the published data from PUBMED shows that leaky gut is a big problem for many individuals and the research continues to come out linking leaky gut a contributing culprit to more and more disease.

Often times if you search pub med for the research on the topic of a “leaky gut”- you wont find much- Instead you will need to search the term “Intestinal Hyper permeability and the condition you might be interested in. For example 

  • Intestinal permeability and Eczema
  • Intestinal permeability and Asthma
  • Intestinal permeability and Depression
  • Intestinal permeability and Thyroid Disease
  • Intestinal permeability and Diabetes
  • Intestinal permeability and Autoimmunity
  • Understanding Leaky Gut-Microvilli and Damage to the Microvilli

What Is A Leaky Gut

Symptoms and Warning Signs That You Just Might Have A Leaky Gut- 3

#1 is you see these finger like projections- these are called the intestinal microvilli. This is where you absorption of nutrients takes place. The average human consumes 3-7 tons of food in a lifetime. Much of this food carries potentially immune reacting material.

The nutrients we eat are normally taken across the cell where they enter the bloodstream which is the red area that you see these cells resting on. These microvilli are a common site for damage to occur Next, I want you to notice that on the left side you have three cells all lined up and being held together very nicely.

These cells are being held together by proteins called actomyosin, occludin and zonulin. If you look to the right of your screen you will notice arrows pointing downwards- one looks like its slicing right through the cell and the other one there is an arrow going between the cells. (you see the big space.

This is what we call a leaky gut or gut hyper permeability.The barrier is an amazing thing when it works right. Normally this barrier is selective- meaning that it allows certain things to pass while blocking others…… it doesn’t wall off everything!

but if this barrier is broken down or becomes more permeable, toxins from the medications we are on or taking or toxins from the environment, gluten, vaccines, oral contraceptives, steroids, inhalers, antibiotics, dairy proteins, like chemicals and dyes, endocrine disruptors like BPA (Bisphenol- A).  They pass this barrier and now have direct entry into bloodstream where the immune system now reacts with them. This is like the 4th of July to the immune system.  This sets off a major inflammatory response. Causing symptoms that can affect the brain, skin, Thyroid, pancreas, etc

Testing For A Leaky Gut- This is What I Test For -Three Lab Biomarkers I Assess When Looking At Leaky Gut –

You Might Have A Leaky Gut If You Have These Symptoms 2

  1. We can have damage caused by LPS bacteria– seen by the presence of LPS endotoxins IgA, IgG, IgM- you can see that with this patients test- again-These are toxins made by gram(-) bacteria. These LPS toxins are incredibly inflammatory and are extremely antigenic. They elicit a strong immune response as your immune system does not like these toxins. IF this marker is positive, we have large sized molecules getting through the intestinal barrier.
  1. We can have damage to the Epithelial liningacytomyosin network– this is where we see antibodies to the Actomyosin network IgA- and finally
  2. We can have damage to the Tight junctions– where we have antibodies to Occludin and Zonulin

While these are all bad- the biomarker Actomyosin is probably the worst. Studies indicate that 98.2% of patients with celiac disease have antibodies to actin.

This is how Researchers have identified the leaky gut as a culprit in many diseases. It sets in motion food allergies, Asthma, systemic gut inflammation, autoimmunity, leaky brain, leaky lungs, and cancer.

As I mentioned earlier in the video, I’ve seen this be a sticking point for a lot of patients who have Thyroid problems, Diabetes, Chronic fatigue or chronic stress– meaning that you wont get better If you have a leaky gut and you don’t address it.

7 Surprising Diseases Associated With A Leaky Gut-

Lets go over the Big ones-

1. Thyroid Problems – One of the autoimmune diseases that leaky gut syndrome is often seen with is Hashimoto’s disease and Diabetes. A problem with the thyroid also called hypothyroidism will impair your metabolism leading to fatigue, depression, weight gain, and a host of other problems

You Might Have A Leaky Gut If You Have These Symptoms 5

2. Anxiety and Depression– I work with many patients suffering with anxiety and depression, and research is very clear that anxiety and depression can stem from the gut and these LPS toxins.

Symptoms and Warning Signs That You Just Might Have A Leaky Gut- 8


3. Chemical sensitivities.- These may be foods, smells or chemical that you come in contact with. Have you noticed that you are reacting to foods that you never have in the past- even healthy foods? Sensitive to foods- even healthy foods.

Symptoms and Warning Signs That You Just Might Have A Leaky Gut-

4. Autoimmune Disease– The key to understanding how leaky gut can cause an autoimmune disease is through the research done on a protein known as “zonulin.” We talked about these earlier- these were the proteins- the glue that hold the intestinal cells together.You Might Have A Leaky Gut If You Have These Symptoms 6

5. Nutritional Deficiencies or Malabsorption– have you had testing that shows various nutritional deficiencies? Vitamins such as vitamin B12, B6, magnesium, Zinc, Copper?


You Might Have A Leaky Gut If You Have These Symptoms 1


6. Skin Conditions – I just did a video on the connection between the Skin and Gut– So if you want more information on acne, eczema, Psoriais you can watch that video where I go through the connection between skin problems and gut health.

You Might Have A Leaky Gut If You Have These Symptoms 4


7.  GI problems perhaps you have Crohns, Ulcerative Collits, SIBO or SIFO- these are common GI problems often seen with leaky gut.

You Might Have A Leaky Gut If You Have These Symptoms 5


Ok, so we talked about what a leaky gut is, what causes a leaky gut, the warning signs of a leaky gut some of the biomarkers or test results of patients with a leaky gut.

Some final thoughts,,,,

#1 Don’t Assume- Get tested For Leaky Gut– this will help you and the doctor you are working with have a better idea of how to be specific with treatment.

#2 You have to understand the The Big picture.  After finding out you have a leaky gut– to me the next logical question is what- what caused the leaky gut. If that’s a topic that interests you more you can check out a video I did a while back titled Medications that Cause SIBO and Leaky gut”

#3 In my next video, I will talk about the 5 ingredients in a supplement that you should look for basic leaky gut repair and why they are important I will also talk about the process of healing a leaky gut, because a leaky gut is not something that just goes away just because your symptoms have improved.

I see to many patients who buy some leaky gut program, take supplements, their symptoms to go away, we test them and they still have a leaky gut, they still need work on their gut, their gut is still a contributing problem despite the fact that symptoms are gone. So don’t rely on symptoms alone.

I hope you learned a few things about leaky gut. If you liked today’s video make sure you give it the thumbs up, subscribed to our YouTube video, comment below and share it with someone you think will benefit from this information.

Leaky Gut (Intestinal Hyper-Permeability) 1


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