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5 Roadblocks Hindering Healing In Your Gut

When Dietary Changes Don’t Work for healing IBS, Chronic Diarrhea, SIBO, Fructose Mal-absorption, Constipation, Autoimmune disease….now what?Today, more than ever people are looking for an individual approach that suites them. Functional Medicine offers such as approach. Each one of us has a unique biochemistry that allows our body to perform at its optimal potential.

If that biochemistry is stuck in gear, then we suffer with a variety of health problems ranging from diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating, malabsorption, fatigue, depression and the list goes on. This unique biochemistry is the reason why a one size fits all/cookie cutter approache to Digestive complaints fail the majority of times. Tweaking Your Diet To Your Unique Body Chemistry is what brings results.

Sometimes, We Just Need To Dial Into Our Diet And Make The Right Fit.

We’re confident that Our NeuroMetabolic approach works for most people. In fact, we’re convinced that if diet modification hasn’t worked for you – you’re probably only a few tweaks away from becoming another Dr Hagmeyer success story.

5 Foods That Are Causing A Roadblock

    1. Cross Reactive Gluten Foods (assuming you already eliminated gluten)
  1. Dairy and all Dairy products
  2. Eggs
  3. Nuts- yes nuts are bad- I have done several videos on lectins
  4. Fructose Mal-absorption- (honey, fruit, synthetic sugars, Sorbitol, Mannitol, Xylitol)

roadblocks dr hagmeyer

Why Do These 5 Foods Stop You From Feeling Better

Many people will come to our office having either followed a SCD diet, a Paleo diet, a 30 day clean diet but they continue to suffer or be able to lock in on the potential cause. Something I have talked about quite extensively on the site is something called a (leaky gut).

Leaky gut also known as Intestinal hyper permeability, allows large proteins into the blood stream that are normal blocked or prevented from getting there. Once in the blood stream, these proteins are identified by the immune defenses. These immune defenses go into ATTACK mode.
Think of it like stirring up an angry hornets’ nest. An inflamed immune system makes healing an uphill battle even though you’re eating “Healthy” foods.

Here’s The Breakdown Of Each Of The Five Road Blocks Listed In Order Of The Most Problematic:

  1. Gluten and Cross Reactive Foods– You may have done a great job at keeping wheat gluten out of your diet, but there are many grains and non grain proteins that are similar in chemical structure to gluten. Corn, Milk, Soy, Millet, Tapioca. Learn more about The Testing of Gluten Cross Reactive foods.
  2. Dairy: The protein Casein is extremely pro inflammatory. Learn why Dairy and Gluten is a deadly combination
  3. Egg: The protein Albumin can be very immunologically reactive for certain individuals.
  4. Nuts: (Lectins, Phytic acid) Nut and nut flour proteins. Learn about Lectins
  5. Excessive fruit/honey: Way too much sugar feeds yeast. (Read about fructose malabsorption and yeast here)

Side Effects of A Leaky Gut: headaches, brain fog, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, gas, stomach distention, bloating, sinus drainage, horrible smelling gas.

What To Do If Your Diet Eliminations Are Not Working For You.

Plan A

Most Aggressive approach- (usually works the fastest/yields the best results) eliminate all 5 Road Blocks immediately. Depending on where you are with your diet, this may be very easy, for others (diets that are not so good) you can follow plan B

Plan B

Start by eliminating one of the five road blocks for 15-30 days.Here’s the key: don’t change anything else in your diet other than the one food you eliminated. 15-30 days gives you enough time to tell if it’s the only tweak you needed. ( I realize some sources say 3-4 days, I don’t believe this is a long enough time.)

NOTE: *** If the first attempt fails, keep eliminating the remaining blocks until you find the culprit. …
For even more help troubleshooting your health, contact us and find out more about becoming a patient. We offer Free 15 minute consults as the first step in becoming a patient.

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