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5 Lies About Neuropathy You Have Been Told To Believe

5 Lies About Neuropathy You Have Been Told To Believe

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Peripheral neuropathy does not discriminate. There are many people who find the symptoms and the lack of success in treatment frustrating. Not a day goes by where a person interested in our Neuropathy Recovery Program don’t vent this emotion . If this is you, don’t be frustrated. There is a host of misinformation on the internet stemming from neuropathy sufferers as well as medical practitioners. Many of these mistruths are perpetuated day in and day out. This week article I want to talk about some of the most common errors I come in contact every day in my neuropathy clinic and set the record straight.

Neuropathy and Burning Foot only Affects Diabetics

Not true! Here again is what many patients suffering with neuropathy are led to believe. While neuropathy is common in 50 to 60% of diabetic patients, neuropathy affects chemotherapyrecipients, alcoholics, thyroid sufferers, those suffering from injuries or illness, people who have had a flu vaccine, even sufferers of common minor ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). If you feel pain, even if you’re not diabetic, neuropathy could be the cause.

Tingling, Numbness and Burning foot aka Neuropathy is a Natural Part of Getting Old and Falling Apart.

Again this is False. This again is another excuse some people use to avoid taking health into their own hands and doing something about it. For many people in chronic pain and suffering with burning foot, getting older has nothing to do with neuropathy.

It is true that compression neuropathy is more commonamong seniors, but it affects people of all ages. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean neuropathy, burning and tingling in the feet is a fact of life.

Because neuropathy can be caused by spinal injuries, degenerative disc disease, spinal canal stenosis, complications with medication, autoimmune conditions, metabolic issues (among dozens of other causes), taking the right steps early can keep you from suffering many neuropathic symptoms as you get older.

Neuropathy and Burning Foot Only Affects Diabetics

No. While neuropathy is common in diabetic patients and is popularly associated with diabetes, neuropathy affects chemotherapy recipients, those suffering from injuries or illness, people who have celiac disease, even sufferers of common minor ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). If you feel pain, even if you’re not diabetic, neuropathy could be the cause.

I have friends with peripheral neuropathy, and my pain isn’t anything like theirs. I must have something else!

Neuropathy can present itself as tingling, sharp pains, numbness, loss of motor control, and even very dangerous complications in organ function. The term describes many different sensations of pain in various areas on the body, so cases can vary wildly from person to person. Remember: if you believe you have symptoms, they are most easily treated early! See a neuropathy doctor right away.

There’s no cure, So if I have neuropathy, I just have to learn to live with it.

Not Necessarily true. Although most people who suffer from nerve damage and neuropathic pain will have to live with some adjustments to their lifestyle and maybe some discomfort from time to time (there is, to date, no overall cure), many neuropathy patients can keep their symptoms from getting worse and, in most cases, even reverse the symptoms. Think about what your life would be like if your pain and numbness was 50% better?

A combination proper ReBuilder® Neurostimulation both at home and in the clinic along with a metabolic approach used in our office can help ensure that you’ll live a much better life. Whatever you do, don’t let neuropathy go untreated!

This website I found says they can “cure” my neuropathy!

Be careful! Even though there are some well-meaning, informed, and helpful websites for people with neuropathy, there are also scammers who will try to exploit your pain and cash in on your desire to be neuropathy-free.

Be especially wary of any claims of a cure—no actual cure for peripheral neuropathy is known to exist, so any claims to that effect are misleading.

Where treatments are concerned, remember that it is almost impossible for a proper treatment plan to be developed without examining you, the patient. A simple search in google will lead to sorts of website claiming they can cure Neuropathy and all you have to do is take this supplement. Let me tell you that there is so much more to neuropathy than just popping a couple of supplements. If you want to learn about an approach that is over 94% successful at treating the symptoms of neuropathy I suggest you visit this site here.

Again, any products or treatments claiming to help without even knowing your specific symptoms are most likely ineffective at best, and could be dangerous. Consult a doctor who will properly evaluate you neurologically but also metabolically. Look for a doctor who will spend time with you and a doctor who look at diet and lifestyle. I have put together a Neuropathy Guide titled the “5 Keys to Defeating Neuropathy”This guide will give you man of the inns and outs of new treatments being used to help neuropathy sufferers but also what you need to look for in a doctor who specializes in Neuropathy. Remember it’s much more than just swallowing a bunch of pain pills.

5 keys to defeating neuropathy

Dr Hagmeyer’s 5 Final Thoughts Regarding Neuropathy.

#1If you suffer with Neuropathy or Burning food syndrome it’s absolutely essential to find a doctor who will use both a neurological approach and a metabolic approach for relief of neuropathy. In our office the use of the Rebuilder is an integral part of neuropathy recovery but just as important we work on many of the lifestyle factors that contribute to the disease.

#2Don’t Believe everything you hear and see about neuropathy. One search on Google about neuropathy will reveal hundreds of people claiming this miracle or that miracle, if you only take their magic supplement. Each and every person has different metabolic needs. We offer testing that will assess exactly what your specific nutritional needs are. We offer only the most state of the art advanced testing available for Neuropathy sufferers. Patients come to our office never having any of the metabolic tests we run in our neuropathy clinic.

#3Neuropathy is much more than just tingling, numbness, or shooting electrical pain. Neuropathy is a complex systemic condition. Because of its complexities, you will need an approach that addressed many of the different players involved.

#4Make sure the information you are reading about neuropathy comes from a legitimate source like our site.

#5 Remember Currently, ordinary medicine has NO cure for PN. The extremely powerful drugs dispensed to patients do NOT TREAT the NERVE DAMAGE! They numb the brain to numb the pain. Most patients cannot tolerate a drugged existence but feel they have NO OTHER OPTIONagainst this horrifying pain.

Contact us and we can answer any of your questions or we can put you in touch with the many doctors throughout the United States we work with.

If you would like to have more information or to set up a consultation and see how we can help you (or someone you know), give us a call at 630-718-0555. Schedule an appointment to see if you are a candidate for these breakthrough Neuropathy and burning foot relief procedures.

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