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3 Red Flags Your Thyroid Problem Is More Serious Than You Think
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Hey folks Dr Hagmeyer here
I wanted to shoot this video today because earlier in this week I had a phone consult with a lady who was just beside herself she had her thyroid removed 4 years ago and ever since she had it removed, her health has spiraled out of control. (depression, severe anxiety she cant fall asleep, she wakes up and her heart is racing, she has gained 80 lbs, shes on about 7 medications for all the symptoms she is experiencing.)

NO matter what her DOCTOR DOES, he cant get her thyroid levels into range. One month he is increasing her medications the next month he’s lowering, and so I asked her why she had her thyroid removed in the first place- (im thinking it was cancerous, she was having trouble breathing or swallowing- she told me she had several nodules with the biggest one being 4cm in size they weren’t cancerous and they weren’t causing trouble with breathing or swallowing, the Dr just told her she would be better off to have her thyroid removed.

At that point, I asked her if she was better or worse today then she was 4 years ago and if she had to do it all over again would she? I could hear the Tears rolling down her cheeks at this time and she said Dr Hagmeyer, I would give anything to go back in time, keep my thyroid, and focus more on fixing my health. I have lost my life as I know it—

My last question to her was did the doctor tell you that you have Hashimotos? (again looking at many of the symptoms she was experiencing) she said she thought the endocrinologist said that she did have Hashimotos. – And here is part of the problem- many of you watching this video- have Hashimotos either don’t know it or are not getting proper treatment for it. and so If your watching this video, and you have nodules, and you are fatigued, heart palpitations, hair loss, and you have symptoms of both hyper thyroid and hypothyroid you need to get tested for Hashimotos.

Maybe thats you… maybe you are watching this video- and your wondering what’s causing YOU to feel bad, or why your doctors cant stabilize YOUR thyroid or why year after year you are getting sicker and becoming more dependent on medications.

Lets face it NOBODY likes being dependent on medications…
And that’s what i want to talk to you about in this video What happened in this woman’s life to cause years of suffering, nodules to grow to the size they did where ultimately she would go on to have her thyroid removed.

If she new she had an autoimmune disease years ago, perhaps there would have been steps and lifestyle changes she could have done to offset the course of this and other autoimmune diseases.

If this is you, I want you to know about the antibody testing you need to have done, some of the red flags that you should be aware of if you have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism and why these tests are so important. I hope that this video is a wake up call for many of you that could be heading down this road.

So lets first start out by saying that there are two tests you need to have done to CONFIRM autoimmune thyroid disease also known as Hashimotos-

#1 is Thyroid peroxidase antibodies or TPO ab

#2 is anti Thyroglobulin antibodies or anti TGB ab

one attack the enzyme which is essential to make T4 and T3 the other attacks the protein needed for T4 and T3 production.

Now I want you to listen very carefully… its very important that you have BOTH done. you can not have only done and then assume the other is normal as well. This is a big mistake being done everyday.
Many doctors only test for one and the one that is usually tested for is TPO (thyroid peroxidase)

Also… if your doctor only tests for TPO there are other possible autoimmune disease processes that raise the TPO levels. SO GET BOTH DONE…
Ok so now that you know what tests you need to have done, the next question you might be wondering is WHO SHOULD GET TESTED…
There are 3 reasons or categories you that to me are RED FLAGS And SIRENS GOING OFF, THAT INDICATE YOU should get tested for Hashimoto’s.

You want to pay very close attention to these three RED FLAGS

RED FLAG #1 You have been recently been diagnosed with low thyroid or hypothyroidism (so in the last 6-12 months) you have been faithfully taking your thyroid hormones and you feel lousy.
You still have depression, debilitating fatigue, you have inward trembling, your hot your cold, your emotional, you gain weight lose weight, focus and memory are increasing becoming difficult and from time to time you have heart palpitations. So that’s the first reason…


RED FLAG #2, You have been diagnosed with a goiter or your doctor ran an ultrasound, he or she found nodules on your thyroid and no matter what Your doctor does he or she cant seem to stabilize your thyroid- one month you are taking a certain amount of thyroid hormones and then the next month you need more. then the next month you need less. symptoms fluctuate.

Your doctor is constantly switching your dosage or the brand of thyroid replacement you are on.

RED FLAG #3– your thyroid was removed because of a large nodule-wasn’t cancerous- but the nodules were large enough that your doctor felt he just wanted to remove it. Be suspicious of Hashimoto’s- also just because your thyroid was removed doesn’t mean you have removed the autoimmune disease.

AND RED FLAG #4 You have many symptoms of low thyroid or hypothyroidism but your doctor tells you that there’s nothing wrong with your thyroid. Every time they test your TSH, your TSH is normal.


Don’t Rely on your TSH and Free T4 levels as indicators OR AS A DIAGNOSIS OF HASHIMOTOS. also don’t assume that just because you’re not overweight or heavy that you don’t have Hashimotos- Many of my Hashimoto’s patients are very thin build.

If you visit my website you can see the thyroid markers I recommend for anyone who has or suspects they have a thyroid problem.

In bringing this video to a close

The number one cause of low thyroid and why woman suffer for years and years, why they start taking thyroid medications, why they often end up on antidepressants, and on sleeping pills, and on acid reflux medications, and on beta blockers, and cholesterol lowering pills, is because their doctors are treating the thyroid rather than identifying the immune system triggers.

If you dont address these triggers, Years will go by and you will only get sicker, Thyroid hormone replacement does nothing to address these triggers. It simply replaces the hormones you have lost because of thyroid destruction.

If you have Hashimotos watch my video titled 10 steps to supporting your thyroid naturally. this video will change the way you think about your thyroid. I review the 10 most common metabolic imbalances that can and will trigger your immune system to attacking your thyroid. I hope that you watch it, so that you get on the correct path for healing.

Please… This is not something you can take lightly. Even if your symptoms are mild, that can all change in just a few weeks and you can be headed down the wrong road very quickly wondering how you got there. Please share this video with any of your friends that have Hashimotos, they need to hear the message in this video-

If you address the “10 Steps to reversing Thyroid Disease Naturally” – You can experience a better quality of life! you can get control over this and you can feel good again! It is going to take time. But if you put the effort in, change your lifestyle and your diet you can control this terrible disease rather than it controlling you.

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