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Dr Hagmeyer Office Reviews-PCOS, IBS, Hormonal Imbalances

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My 17 year old daughter first started working with Dr Hagmeyer and his nutritionist about 6 months ago. It has been a long journey for my daughter and working with many kinds of traditional medical doctors and three functional medicine doctors.
We were somewhat skeptical of Dr Hagmeyer (not him) but due to the fact that we felt that we had been “everywhere” and had done “everything”- what would another doctor tell us that we didn’t already know.
My daughter had been struggling with several hormonal issues namely, irregular cycling, acne and heavy menstrual bleeding since she was 13 years old. She had been diagnosed with PCOS and was taking metformin and spironolactone, she had been on the pill to regulate her cycle, Accutane for acne, antibiotics for IBS, and adrenal supplements for the fatigue she was experiencing.
I reached out to Dr Hagmeyer after coming to the realization that what I was doing to my daughter was not helping her. Deep down I knew there was something that all these doctors were missing. After a 30-minute consult with Dr Hagmeyer, my husband, daughter and myself felt good about talking to him and felt that we might finally be in the right place. We decided to go forward with a case review.
The case review was the most paperwork we had ever filled out. Every doctor that we had been to did not equal the amount of paperwork Dr Hagmeyer’s asked for us to complete. This was a testament to what I read from others discussing how thorough he was.
During the report, Dr Hagmeyer spent approximately 90 minutes going over the testing that he recommended and what he thought was wrong with our daughter. Again, my husband and I were very impressed with his knowledge in so many different areas. We are 6 months into treatment and I am happy to report that not only does my daughter look forward to getting on the phone with Dr Hagmeyer, but she is seeing improvements that she felt were once unobtainable.
Before we felt like we had hit a brick wall- now my daughter is so optimistic and committed to the program. The improvements seen thus far are healthier hair and skin, better attitude- much happier, no longer drastic highs and lows associated with her cycle, she is no suffering with depression and anxiety. We have been able to take her off one of the medications for anxiety and Metformin.
Our daughter also reports that her cycle is not as heavy as they once were. Overall I know we are on the right track and with continued treatment our goal is to get her off all the medications.
We are all very pleased with the level of attention my family is receiving, the level of dietary instruction and the quality of care. I highly recommend Dr Hagmeyer and his office.

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