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Top Fibromyalgia Mistakes That Are Getting In The Way Of Your Recovery| Dr Hagmeyer NeuroMetabolic Solutions|Naperville IL

Top Fibromyalgia Mistakes That Are Getting In The Way Of Your Recovery|Dr Richard Hagmeyer|NeuroMetabolic Solutions

suffering from fibromyalgiaYour body aches…your fatigued and tired…you can’t sleep, You feel like a walking Zombie, having no energy in the morning, your body goes through periods of alternating constipation and diarrhea, and your head feels “fuzzy”.

Here are some common mistakes that patients and doctors make that result in YOU, as the patient, suffering more and longer than necessary, and there is no reason for you to suffer at all. This article and the ones to follow will be a valuable treasure on your road to Reversing Your Fibromyalgia and getting the relief you deserve.

You’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so NOW WHAT do you do?

As you seek answers and solutions to bring your body back to where it should be…where it once was…

1. The truth is…your body is sick and You Need a Doctor who understands Fibromyalgia.

Life PreserverWhen you first got diagnosed you may have been happy to finally have something to call it, a name to refer to your symptoms by. It’s scary having symptoms that nobody can explain. It leaves you with angst and worry. Your mind wonders if there is some underlying process that is more serious, and when you finally get that fibromyalgia label you let out a sigh of relief.

Soon you probably realized that this fibromyalgia label did not lead to a straight forward treatment or solution.

A diagnosis that gives a set of symptoms a name, but does not lead to a solution is not helpful. If you are not careful every single new symptom you have will be attributed to your ‘fibromyalgia’ and therefore not explored properly. You need a doctor who will explore all of the specifics of how your body is truly functioning, from a

So if you have already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, then don’t get stuck in that trap where everything is now ‘fibromyalgia.’ You still deserve to be cared for, taken seriously, and respected.
Don’t let a fibromyalgia diagnosis be the excuse for doctors to just brush everything off, and stop looking for answers.

What commonly happens is that when no simple explanation can be found for your symptoms?….. you get labeled with fibromyalgia. At The Naperville Insitute for NeuroMetabolic Solutions, we can find the answers using an approach called Functional Medicine, Brain Based Therapy and Exercise With Oxygen Therapy.

You can request a Free Fibromyalgia Recovery Guide (Ebook 30 plus pages) when you fill out the form to your RIGHT.

fibro ebook

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