Estrogen Dominance and Thyroid Problems


Common Causes Of Estrogen Dominance.

Dr Richard Hagmeyer Clinic Director explains how too much estrogen can affect your thyroid glands function. Estrogen dominance affects women of all ages.

female hormones Dr HagmeyerEstrogen Dominance involves an imbalance in the ratios of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is a common problem affecting both women who are cycling and women in menopause and perimenopause. For Healthy Thyroid Function the proper balance of estrogen, testosterone and Progesterone are all critical factors.

Now wait just one minute……. Before you go out and take progesterone, you need to understand that it’s not that simple. Years ago many women in menopause rushed to take estrogen only to find out that the estrogen they were prescribed caused all sorts of health problems including cancer! This was study was called the Womans Health Initiative.

Estrogen Dominance is usually the result of a progesterone deficiency. Estrogen dominance can cause a thyroid condition to develop, or can be a contributing factor. Elevated levels of Estrogen can cause and increase in Sex hormone Binding Globulin as well as an increase in TBG (Thyroid Binding Globulin).  When these Binding proteins are elevated there is less hormones availalble to the body. This shows up as low hormone levels. This can also be the cause of many doctors overdosing you with bio-identical hormones. This is why testing and working with a doctor who understands this is so important.  In either case, If you are looking to restore your health back to normal through a natural thyroid treatment protocol needs to get this condition corrected.

As common as  estrogen dominance may be , it is fairly easy to correct by following a natural treatment protocol that focuses not only prevention but clearing the hormones from the body.

Estrogen Dominance Cause #1: Adrenal Glands, Cortisol and Prolonged Stress

Dealing with chronic stress on a regular basis (and not doing a good job of handling it) will stress out your adrenal glands. This in turn can decrease the amount of progesterone produced, which will cause a progesterone deficiency. This of course takes time to occur, but those people with poor stress handling skills who deal with chronic stress daily will inevitably develop adrenal gland problems, which over time will most likely lead to a progesterone deficiency.

Estrogen Dominance Cause #2: Birth Control Pills, Patches, Rings, IntraUterine Device (IUD).

Taking oral contraceptives prevents ovulation which stops the production of progesterone. As a result, a progesterone deficiency often develops, leading to estrogen dominance. One obvious solution to this is to stop taking oral contraceptives. For woman who are estrogen dominant who refuse to stop taking “The Pill” you cant get better.

For those women who remain on “the Pill”, taking natural progesterone can help with the progesterone deficiency, But it cant offer a permanent solution.  The bottom line is this,  taking natural progesterone really isn’t going to fix your hormone imbalance. The ideal situation would be to stop taking oral contraceptives altogether. Remember, For every cycle that goes by where you do not ovulate your body will not make adequate progesterone. The downside to all of this is, If you don’t make progesterone, you continue to move towards a state of estrogen dominance. Why is this important? Its now widely accpeted, that women who are Estrogen dominat are at greater risk of Cancer.

Estrogen Dominance Cause #3: Xenohormones.

These days, men, women and children are being exposed to xenohormones. This exposure is becoming a major problem and a major concern when it comes to thyroid cancers. Xenohormones are found in the foods we eat, our plastics, the personal care products, the cosmetics we buy, pesticides and through many other household producs.

These xenohormones act as hormone disruptors, and can easily cause a hormone imbalance to occur. It is of course nearly impossible to completely eliminate your exposure to xenohormones, but chances are you can do a much better job of minimizing your exposure to them by eating organic foods, and purchasing natural personal care products and becoming a label reader.

The bad news is that it can be difficult to make these changes when you’re used to eating certain foods and using certain household products. Once again, simply eliminating the xenohormones won’t cure an estrogen dominance condition once it has been established. On the other hand, becoming knowledgeable about xenohormones is of course important step in minimizing exposure and preventing a relapse.

A Saliva Hormone Panel Will Help Prevent Your Hormones From Getting Out Of Balance.

I’ve stated in the past that in order to diagnose estrogen dominance one should obtain a male or female hormone panel. This will show the levels of both estrogen and progesterone, along with other important pituitary hormones. While the other hormones might not directly relate to estrogen dominance, they all interact with one another, and so in my expert opinion, it’s a good idea to look at the whole picture.

If you have been diagnosed with estrogen dominance and had this corrected through a natural treatment protocol, then it’s not a bad idea to obtain an annual hormone panel as a preventative measure. This will help you to maintain these healthy hormone levels, as many times a person won’t become symptomatic (hair loss, fatigue, depression, weight gain) until there is a significant imbalance.

By obtaining a salivary hormone panel, we can see if there are any minor or major imbalances in the hormones, and if so formulate the necessary protocol to correct this. As you would probably guess, correcting a minor hormone imbalance usually isn’t as challenging as correcting a major case of estrogen dominance that has been ignored for many years.

Take home points, estrogen dominance is a common condition, but one can usually correct it by following a natural treatment protocol. Although natural progesterone can help manage the symptoms of estrogen dominance when a progesterone deficiency is the cause, taking bio-identical hormone won’t correct the cause of this condition. To address the causes of estrogen dominance you need to be familiar with Common causes of Estrogen Dominance I listed here, this not only should help with the recovery process, but will also help prevent this condition from developing in the future.

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