Clinical Laboratory Testing

For many of our patients who are suffering with Chronic Health Problems, Functional Testing is often needed to unveil where your problem is coming from. Below is just a small selection of the testing offered through the website.  Our clinical laboratory testing helps patients find answers once and for all.

male-hormone-testingMale Hormone Testingfemale-hormone-testingFemale Hormone Testingadrenal-stress-testing-300x300Adrenal Testing

GI-tesstingGastrointestinal Testing

food-allergy-testingFood Allergy Testing

blood-testingBlood Chemistry Analysis

gluten-sensitivityGluten Sensitivity Testing

Nutritional-DeficiencyNutritional Deficiency

immune-system-testingImmune System Testing

toxicityToxicity and Chemical Sensitivity

The Naperville Institute for NeuroMetabolic Solutions partners with the following diagnostic and clinical laboratory testing organizations.

Cyrex Laboratories - Naperville Inst. - Dr. HagmeyerDiagnosTechs Logo - Naperville Inst. - Dr. HagmeyerNeuroScience | Dr. Hagmeyer with Naperville InstituteLabCorp | Naperville Inst.Genova Diagnostics | Dr. Hagmeyer